Our Approach

Travel has changed, and we readily admit that.

Why would you contact a travel agency to help you book your travel when there is so much information on the internet to help guide you when doing it on your own.

Well, that’s the reason – there’s so much information on the internet, where do you start, and what sources do you trust?

Trust us.  We’ve been there, or know someone who has, and we will guide you to the perfect vacation destination and experiences.

Our Story

Dabbler Travel is owned by Troy Richardson, and started as an outgrowth of our event planning business, which has been in operation for over 20 years.

With a long history of helping travelers enjoy their vacations, we now want to help you.

Meet The Team

Meet the Dabbler Travel team, and contact us to assist you with any travel that you might be considering.

Troy Richardson

Owner & CEO

Certified Travel Consultant

Troy is the Founder of Dabbler Travel.

Troy’s background is a mix of corporate and entrepreneurial success in the financial and management consulting sectors as well as computer consulting, event planning, online retail and food service.

Working for some of the most notable names in the mutual fund industry, Troy’s early career during the financial boom of the 80’s allowed him to interface daily with many well-known companies and aid them in developing their retirement plan system efficiencies.

This experience led to a management consulting role in the same field, and eventually Director of Human Resources for the same consulting firm.

During a market downturn and firm downsizing, Troy went out on his own and created a retail “old fashioned” 1950’s style ice cream shop, turning a run down storefront into a sparkling shop that was incredibly popular.

Troy sold this shop and then moved to Vermont where he now resides.

During much of his career, Troy operated an event planning business as a side-business, called Decadent Duck Events, and in conjunction with that business, created Dabbler Travel.  These two companies work well together.

Troy now focuses 100% of his time on Dabbler Travel and Decadent Duck Events.

Alex Bowen

Travel Consultant

Joining the Dabbler Travel team two years ago, Alex brings a new face and energy to our team!

Coming from 8 years in the Promotional Products industry, he has a unique take on branding and the customer experience.

Alex and Troy crossed paths at a mutual friend’s home in 2014 and have been collaborating since. Troy has been a mentor for Alex in the event planning and travel industry which led to Alex joining Dabbler Travel as a Travel Consultant.

Beginning his event/travel coordinating career in college, Alex attended Bay State College for a degree in Entertainment Business.  Starting his first event in 2016 called WuF. This event has become the biggest LBGT nightclub event in Connecticut and he plans on expanding it through New England and beyond. “I firmly believe that every event should be a full experience”, says Alex. “Not only should you have a seamless transition from activity to activity, but you should have every detail zipped up, keeping the chocolate box intact.” This is the kind of detail oriented attention Alex brings to travel consulting. Focusing on group cruises and destination travel, he strives to make your experience seamless along every step of the way.


Office Assistant

Buster assists with running the office and ensuring that morale is high.

Next Steps…

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