Cruise Information

There are two types of cruising- ocean cruising and river cruising, and both are very different from each other, each with their own unique attributes.

Ocean Cruise Information

You can always book a cruise on your own, but when you work with the experts at Dabbler Travel, you get our first hand expertise in helping you choose the best cruising experience for you.  We will take the time to learn about your vacation preferences – whether being on a large ship or smaller ship will be better suited to you.  Each cruise line offers something different, and we will make sure that you are matched with an itinerary and cruise ship that make your vacation perfect.

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River Cruise Information

River cruising is a completely different experience, allowing you to visit smaller cities that ocean cruises cannot reach.  With smaller ships and fewer passengers this more intimate cruising experience provides a completely unique experience.  River cruising is mostly focused on foreign destinations and prices usually are more “all inclusive” in nature.

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Major Differences Between Ocean and River Cruises

  1. Ocean cruise ships will have anywhere from 2,200 to 6,000 passengers on board where river cruises will typically have no more than 200 passengers on board.  If you are looking for a more intimate experience, river cruising might be for you.
  2. Ports of Call: Ocean cruises will call on major ports while river cruises will be able to call on smaller cities that ocean cruises could never reach.  This allows river cruisers the ability to enjoy excursions and experiences not available to ocean cruisers.
  3. Passenger demographics: On an ocean cruise you will find passengers of all ages – some cruise lines have adults-only areas of the ship and there is an adults only cruise line. On river cruises, passengers tend to be a bit older and more established, and river cruises don’t typically have children on board. This makes for cruises that don’t have as much late night partying as ocean cruises. Younger passengers on river cruises tend to be more culturally minded.
  4. Boarding and Disembarking Ship: The process of getting on and off the ships is very different – ocean cruise ships must deal with thousands of passengers and while they do it in a very efficient manner, it does take time.  On river cruises, with the small passenger counts, getting on and off the ship is effortless.
  5. Pricing: River cruise pricing may seem higher, but they typically include more. It’s important to make sure that you are comparing features of your cruise side by side.  Ocean cruises have a lot more options, and therefore “add-ons” or options that can increase your total price, but are totally optional.