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River Cruising

River cruising is an exciting way to travel small ports that ocean cruise lines cannot reach. From ports of call like Egypt, Germany, Amsterdam, Prague to the Amazon, you can travel the world and see sights not only in the cities that you visit, but also as you sail down the river.

Advantages of River Cruising

There are many advantages to river cruising over ocean cruising. River cruising can reach many more ports as smaller river cruise ships reach the interiors of countries rather than just the coastlines. In some countries, ocean cruises may not even visit because rivers may be the only means of reaching the villages. River cruises travel directly into the heart of small villages to get an insider’s view of exotic locales that are otherwise hard to reach. River cruises also focus on cultural and historic sites and educational components and excursions.



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Windmills, Tulips & Belgian Delights – Scenic River Cruise

April 21 – 28, 2021

Dabbler Travel is taking you on an escorted river cruise, which will include Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Veere, Antwerp, Arnhem, Hoorn, and a day at the Keukenhof Gardens where you will see millions of tulips in bloom.

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